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DVDs of the Nuclear Cardiology Course provided by Hospital Pró-Cardíaco


The Nuclear Cardiology Service of Hospital Pró-Cardíaco is putting the DVDs of the Nuclear Cardiology Course up for sale.


The material consists in 8 classes which address the practical and theoretical aspects of Nuclear Cardiology.


They include the discussion of actual clinical cases in an interactive way with the audience of cardiologists and nuclear medicine physicians, allowing for the exchange of experiences and expectations regarding the performance of Nuclear Medicine tests in the Cardiology area.

Some current topics addressed in the classes:


1) The integration of scintigraphy tests and anatomical tests (SPECT — CT coronary angiography and calcium score).


2) Quality in the performance of imaging tests = Appropriateness Criteria of ACCF/ASNC;


3) Evidence-based Medicine — Critical review of the main Imaging Studies connected to Cardiology


4) Risk Evaluation in Asymptomatic Individuals, especially Diabetics and patients with CRI.


5) In-depth discussion about the concept of exposure to radiation and its biological effects.

Comparison of tests adopting ionizing radiation.


6) Myocardial Viability: MRI x PET Scan.


7) Evaluation of preoperative risk.


8) Many interactive clinical cases...


The DVDs are available for delivery by SEDEX to everywhere in Brazil.


The price of the collection of DVDs is BRL 300.00 and the BSC and SBBM members have 20% off the DVDs.


Interested purchasers may call 2528-1444.

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